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Our Mission


Establishing a transparent and fair incentive system based on Blockchain that benefit all the users (Student/Curator/Creator)


Providing tailored services and contents of high quality


Constructing infrastructures in educational backward countries

News Room

Enterprise Blockchain Conference was held with EduHash, DXC.technology, and Law Firm Yulchon

Date 2018.10.26

EduHash which is the education company based on blockchain technology, DXC.technology, and Law firm Yulchon co-hosted “Enterprise Blockchain Conference (EBC) 2018 SEOUL.” under the theme “The Efficient Adoption of Enterprise Blockchain that Maximizes Your Business” was announced on the 26th.

EduHash, leads blockchain business as a team with $ 24billion dollars of annual sales global IT company.

Date 2018.10.26

EduHash, the education platform based on blockchain technology moves forward with DXC Technology which is $ 24billion dollars of annual sales global company to compete blockchain businesses in global market.

"Korea is an important block-chain market ... showing our achievements"

Date 2018.10.24

"When we look at the Asian market, Korea is a very important market, and it is very important how we show our achievements in the Korean market." Thechairman of the Asia-Pacific region ( pictured ) from theJeon Jung-hyeon block chain Economy Forum ( BEF )participated

Jung-Hweon Jeon, Asia Blockchain leader said "For Blockchain, uncertainty is the real issue rather than the regulation itself."

Date 2018.09.07

"Cryptocurrency not only activates the Blockchain industry as one of the incentives but also enhances global scalability across the border," said Jeon, "The most significant issue of Korean Blockchain industry is not the regulation itself but its uncertainty. "

Asia Blockchain leader said “For Blockchain revolution, it is closer with smart phone rather than the Internet.”

Date 2018.06.08

"There is predict that Blockchain will bring a revolution as the Internet did. But if we say that the Internet has brought a completely different form of life, Blockchain will come in a way that improves the inconvenience once existed. Just like a smart phone that grabs the Internet in its hand."

“We will be Netflix in Education industry” The Blockchain Platform with A.I. Curating service.

Date 2018.08.14

"Our concept is clear. It is becoming 'Netflix of the education industry'. "The first question of the interview is the answer from the representative of EduHash Kang Ki-tae ( photo ).Block Chain Education Company Eduhai City made Netflix a role model in two main ways. First, AI training curriculum provides customized educational contents. Second, it creates a content ecosystem that encompasses the market.

EduHash leads the education contents export to world.

Date 2018.08.07

Eduhash increased the possibility of Korean education contents into the global market by participating in "2018 AI & Blockchain Innovation Summit" held in Shanghai, China from the 1st to the 2nd. As the only block chain company in Korea, Eduhash has participated in the Summit and has received great interest and appreciation from Chinese block-chain developers and institutional investors by presenting a differentiated educational ecosystem model that connects educators and students directly.

EduHash signed a MOU for mutual cooperation with ZAGG which is one of leading company in India.

Date 2018.06.23

Securing a bridgehead to advance into Asian education market beyond India ZAGG knocks Korean market with block chain. (EDIHASH), a blockbusting company in India and a Korean education content company, announced on the 19th at the block-chain economic forum (BEF) in San Francisco, USA, ) Announced on the 22nd. ZAGG network is a company made by GBRL (Gift Cards, Benefits Rewards, Loyalty) specializing in point specializing in India, and has established a partnership with world-famous global companies such as Adidas, Puma, Giordano and Armani, have.

AI Sofia Keynote Speech ... 'Block Chain Opened in San Francisco'

Date 2018.06.21

The International Block Chain Event Block Chain Economy Forum (BEF) was held in San Francisco, USA. Fourth-day blockbuster economic forum held on the 16th to 19th (during local time) included Reese Jones, Singer Larry Teen professor, Eric Ly, co-founder of LinkedIn, DJF venture capital founder Tim DeLepper Tim Draper) and about 2,000 ordinary people attended. Artificial intelligence (AI) Robot Sophia took on the forum keynote address and addressed the theme of "The New Life" with the opening. "Survival is basically the ability to use energy for metabolism and reproduction," said Sofia.

Who We Are

1997 Since

Established a training and research Institute for police instruction and promotion

2009 Year

Opened the first boarding school campus for training of civil servants

2014 Year

Established a 2nd civil servant boarding school in the Andong area

2016 Year

Signed exclusive contract for police testing with the Police Mutual Aid Association

2017 Year

Exclusive contract with Zaksim Premium Study centers for online content licensing

2018 Now

EduHash is ready for you!

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